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Greetings Arch is Arch Wednesday! (Issue #28) 
Worldwide arch count: 6131; Net Change: +5; Arches with GAD 100 ft (30m) or more: 153; US County with the most arches: Grand, Utah with 2395; Country with the most arches outside the US: France, with 101; Fallen (Worldwide): 25

Tiansheng Bridge

Each week we update the World Arch Database (WAD) with newly reported arches as well as more accurate data and/or photos for existing arch entries. Each Wednesday (day may vary), we send you a list of the updated arch entries with a summary of what has changed.

Natural Bridges National Monument/White Canyon Project (Utah, USA) 
We are continuing to enter and update arch data in these areas in anticipation of the Natural Arch and Bridge Society's (NABS) Spring 2013 Arch Rally. Search US>UT>San Juan>location keywords "Natural Bridges" or "White Cyn."
We lied last week when we said there would be no more updates on this project until after the NABS rally. We now have better coordinates and a photo for an arch formerly known as The Shoe, now known as The Shoe's Arch. The old coordinates were from the USGS GNIS site and were about a half mile off. Next week we'll have still more arches to update on this project.

Largest Arches Inventory Project (LAIP): Focusing on updates for the largest arches in the world, defined in the World Arch Database as arches having a superior Greater Arch Dimension (or GAD), this project will be ongoing over the next several months. Our cutoff point for arches in this project is a GAD of 100 feet (30 meters) or greater.
Aloba Arch (Chad): Better directions (from Gunter Welz)
Tiansheng Bridge (China): Photo
ALG-4 (Algeria): This arch actually has a span of about 13.1 feet, not the 330 feet previously reported.
NAM-200 (Namibia): This arch is reported as having a span of 246 feet. We are working hard to verify this. If true, it would be one of the largest arches in the world, and the largest granite arch on the planet!
Dyrholaey Hole (Iceland): Coordinates (extrapolated by Stone Canyon)
Nanxu Arch (China): Coordinates and better directions (Ray Millar)
Tianmen Arch (China): Better coordinates and directions; more accurate measurement of its size (Ray Millar)
Blue Grotto (Malta): Much smaller than previously thought (GAD of less than 100 ft). Coordinates (extrapolated by Stone Canyon)
Cueva del Arco (Puerto Rico, USA): Coordinates, better directions, photo (from Jay Wilbur)
Kolb Bridge (Arizona, USA): Photo (from Elias Butler). Stone Canyon and Donnie Neiswinger will be making an expedition to find a route to this arch directly from the Grand Canyon rim at Point Imperial (May-June, 2013)
Djisr el Hadjar (Lebanon): Photo and directions (from Jay Wilbur) 
New entries (two of these were found inadvertently as part of the LAIP research, but do not have a GAD over 100 ft)
Pedra Furada (Brazil): A beautiful arch in Bahia State (from Renato Pira)
BR-2 (Brazil): A triple arch in Bahia State (from Renato Pira)
Morro de Igreja (Brazil): A fabulous arch because of its location perched atop a mountain in Santa Catarina State. GAD 100-plus ft. (from Pilotto Regis)
Conuma Peak Arch (Canada): This difficult to reach arch is in British Columbia and has a GAD of over 100 ft (from Drew Brayshaw)

Upcoming Projects
NABS Web Site Cross-Reference: Cross-reference of the WAD with the Natural Arch and Bridge Society's "Gallery" and "GIS" sections.

Arches UK Cross-Reference:  Cross-reference of the WAD with supreme arch hunter Ray Millar's web site "Arches UK."
Bob's Arches Cross-Reference: Cross-reference of the WAD with supreme arch documenter Robert Fagley's web site "Bob's Arches."
Arch Millenium Cross-Reference: Cross-reference of the WAD with awesome canyoneer and arch documenter Guilain DeBossens' web site "Arch Millenium."

Upcoming Arch Hunting Expeditions
Kolb Arch: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA - see above

Tom Till's Arch, Manti La Sal National Forest, San Juan County, Utah, USA: A local Moab, Utah photographer named Tom Till found a substantial arch about 12 years ago and took a fantastic photo of it, but did not obtain GPS coordinates for it or even accurate directions. NABS and others, including Stone Canyon, have attempted to locate this arch on the ground, in the air and about every which way you can think of. This arch may have fallen, but if so we should be able to locate the site. If not, we should be able to locate it with extreme effort applied to the task (May, 2013).
Bill Williams River, Arizona, USA: We'll be looking for arches in the mountains on both sides of this western Arizona, USA river (March-April, 2013).

Happy Arch Hunting!
yours truly,
Stone Canyon


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