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Greetings Arch Hunters!

Upper Lavender Arch, Lavender Cyn, UT (Tom Van Bebber)

Today is Arch Wednesday! (OK, it's Friday...but we're confident it was worth your wait!)

Each week we update the World Arch Database (WAD) with newly reported arches as well as more acccurate data and/or photos for existing arch entries.

Each Wednesday, we send you a list of these updated arch entries with a summary of what has changed. Typically our weekly updates will focus on a certain area, state or country, although we may jump around the world at times!

This week's updates (all provided by Tom Van Bebber and Cindy Bell):

Previously undocumented arches (search on the name or the number in the WAD):
Los Volcanes Arch: In Petroglyph Nat'l. Monument, W of Albuquerque, NM
UT-920 and UT-922: We keep finding more undocumented arches in this area E of Bluff, UT
Capitol Reef National Park, UT, USA: UT-921 - an arch found on the NABS rally in 2009; Deceptive Arch - this one eluded arch hunters for years - some walked right by it!
Canyonlands National Park, UT, USA, Needles District, Lavender, Davis and Horse Cyns: Grand Ballroom Arches; Horton Arch; UT-907 - a real beauty - all of these three on E rim of Horse Cyn; Upper Lavender Arch - this one's also a real beauty, and one that numerous arch hunters have missed because they did not explore far enough up the canyon (pictured above); Double Potholes; UT-923; UT-924; UT-925 - this one was photographed from bottom of Lavender cyn, but has great photographic potential and should be visited from above; Shadow Box Arch - this one is also in upper Lavender Cyn and was missed for many years.
Dinosaur National Monument: Split Mountain Arch - this is a fantastic waterfall bridge! However, I was not able to get a photo because of a camera malfunction! Perhaps one of you arch hunters can take one and send it to me...

Davis Triple Arches: Photo

Magic Mystery Bridges: Better coordinates and directions, which is good because this one is hard to find!
Owl's Eyes: Photo
Granary Arch: Better coordinates
Jack's Pouroff: Better coordinates
Klingon Bird of Prey: Better coordinates
Angel Rim Cluster: Photo
UT-96: New photo and better coordinates
UT-184: New photo and better coordinates
UT-51, UT-604, UT-778, V4-102 and V4-24: Better coordinates

Happy Arch Hunting from
your truly,
Stone Canyon


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